Strangers’ Minds: The Exhibition

An exhibition by people for people

Strangers’ Minds is an exhibition hosted by Bright at KTH. It is a physical means of expressing the stories that encircle our everyday lives to showcase the beauty of diversity. Strangers expressing feelings and thoughts; anything from love to loss, joy to sorrow, stress to calmness, failure to success. It allows viewers and participants alike to discover unseen lives, to break barriers and read each other’s minds. It intends to unveil hidden narratives and challenge preconceived notions and prejudices surrounding people, thus giving a sense of belonging and empathy for each other. Everyone has stories, something to get off their chest, anecdotes or life experiences to share. 


Get involved by submitting your anonymous note 

Bright at KTH is inviting you to participate in this interactive exhibition. Is there something you want to get off your chest, a life lesson or maybe a short poem? Write down and submit your anonymous note in the boxes currently up at KTH library, Kista & Flemingsberg campus. 


The vernissage 

Don’t miss out on the exclusive opening of the exhibition where you will be the first to witness the art, meet the hosts and enjoy a beverage. 


When? 31th January 31 at 5.30 pm

Where? Entrance of KTH library