About us

About bright

Our vision

We at Bright at KTH want to contribute to sustainable networking by creating a space at KTH, a space for people from different backgrounds to meet, get to know each other and socialize to increase the diversity and inclusion at KTH. A space at KTH to feel good, have fun and most importantly a space where you can feel at home.


Our why

We at Bright at KTH have seen a negative trend in diversity in the chapter and association life. We felt that it was time for a change.


Our problem

We see that there is a great amount of diversity at KTH that is not represented in the chapter and association life. We have seen a low engagement rate from diverse groups even though everyone practically are welcome to participate in the chapter and association life. 

We believe that there is a difference between being welcoming and feeling welcome by the chapter and association life. 

We think that this is due to the culture at the different chapters and associations and how this culture is reflected on their respective receptions. The reception is the first encounter you face at KTH, your first chance to feel included, seen and at home but also the first chance to feel excluded, different and lost.

Our purpose

What we want to do is that together, regardless of background, create a space with a culture that we at Bright at KTH believe will work against the problem and thus increase the engagement for chapter and association life, engagement that will be reflected through the members back at KTH different chapters and associations. If we can do this, the upcoming generation can be met on a more diverse way to break this ongoing pattern and increase the integration at KTH.


Our action

To create this space we at Bright at KTH will invite our members to different types of events such as inspiration nights, workshops and pubs where we will be able to offer knowledge, a nice atmosphere and fellowship!

board members

Elina Pak


Nabeel Rahman

Vice President

Anir Darrazi

Business Relations

Samuel Tecle

Business Relations

Norma Cueto Celis

Bright Minds

Simran Vadher

Bright Minds

Hania Bakhsh

Bright Bites

Salman Sarwar

Bright Nights

Mercy Belay


Saga Lundborg


Sara Strandberg


Mahmoud Sherzad

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