for Vice president

Description of role:

As the Vice president of Bright at KTH, your role is to assist the President in their duties. Together you will provide support to the rest of the board and ensure the organization is following Bright’s core values. You will evolve as a leader and gain great skills in teamwork, open communication, problem solving and accounting. The financial responsibility of the role includes making a budget plan for the year within every department, accounting in Fortnox and handling all invoices. Apply for the role and take Bright at KTH to the next level!


Qualities we are looking for: 

Passion for Diversity and Inclusion, previous leadership experience, interest in finance, structured, initiative taking, open minded, goal oriented


The best part of the Vice president role:

Working closely and developing friendships with a group of highly competent and passionate peers, networking within and outside of KTH, getting to work hands-on with D&I initiatives, developing leadership skills, learning about yourself, gaining skills you can apply in your future career.