Each year every single student association, no matter their structural setup, has to decide how to best transition from one academic year to the other. Oftentimes, there’s a change in every single leadership tier that might be present in the association. 


Such a scenario requires full transparency for the sake of the members involved and the association at large, after all leadership changes affect both parties equally. For that reason it’s imperative to establish a democratic process by which new people are elected and voted into the Board of the association. 


As an association which focuses on diversity and inclusion, concepts such as culture add vs culture fit are main pillars of how we operate on multiple fronts. Hence, it makes sense for us to adopt a similar structure even for how we elect our new board. Through seeking opinions from individuals already part of the Bright Board as well as individuals with and without previous involvement in the leadership of Bright, it allows us to encompass as many views and opinions on the association, how it should grow and how it should be led the coming academic year.


Thus, we felt that making use of a nomination committee fits our goal the best. This will be a committee of 8 people that will then nominate potential candidates for the next Bright Board. 


To make up 8 people, there will be 4 people from the current Bright Board as they are the people that best understand what is required from each Board position in current times. 

There will be 2 members who were previously part of the Bright Board or Project Group. These people know and were a part of cultivating the association’s roots, they know what Bright stands for and they will help in making sure Bright doesn’t deviate from its values. 


Lastly, there will be 2 current Bright members from the association who are not and have never been part of the Board or the Project Group. This will allow us to have a democratic election as well as make sure that other Bright members have more influence, through representatives, within the association beyond the scope of the annual meeting.


However, this does not mean that any member attending our annual meeting can’t come forward with their candidacy or nominate someone else present in the meeting.