for Bright Minds

Description of role:


Bright Minds is dedicated to fostering inspiration, educating and building bridges between our members and our collaborators through impactful events. Bright Minds work is partly dedicated  to creating a networking platform for students to connect with companies whose true core values are diversity and inclusivity. This is through planning non ordinary business events with various companies from different industries. Additional collaborators that you will plan events with are included, are other universities, student associations and non profit organizations. Another part of Bright Minds is to also inspire the next generation through your very own events and let your creativity flow from your interests. Do you want to curate an art exhibition, create a panel discussion highlighting the importance of diversity and inclusion or organize fun and fulfilling events with partner companies? Then the Head of Bright minds role is for you!


As the Head of Logistics and Events of Bright Minds, you will be a leader of your project group, and together will be the brain power and the forefront of the executing impactful events. This could be by finding venues, fun activities and planning workshops about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion that will connect students with our collaborators. You’ll have the opportunity to build bridges, spark inspiration, and collaborate with a wide range of collaborators to create memorable experiences that will leave a bigger impact on the next generation. 


Qualities we are looking for: 


Brainstorming: Serve as the creative engine behind Bright Minds, contributing fresh perspectives and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.


Creativity: You thrive on thinking outside the box, constantly seeking new ways to engage and inspire through fun events. 


Passion for DEI: You are deeply committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of your work. With a genuine passion for educating others and sparking curiosity in minds.


Collaborative Spirit: You excel at building relationships and working collaboratively.


Organizational Skills: You can juggle multiple projects and deadlines while maintaining attention to detail and quality.


Communication: You have strong communication skills and are comfortable with working with various people regardless of their background. 


The best part of Minds:

The events of Minds differ from the other events of Bright as you will be able to make an everlasting and meaningful impact. You have the creative freedom to create whatever you want together based on your passions. Lastly you make meaningful connections and make contributions to a better student life not for yourself only but also for everyone!