Minds-ful fall and upcoming may flowers

Dear members,


The holiday bells have rang, the fireworks have burst and now we get to welcome yet another new year! We hope that everyone has enjoyed their holidays and that every single one of you managed to achieve all you wished during this past exam season and are now more ready than ever to take on the new year and the upcoming study period with full force.


But before we take a look at what is to come, a new year always warrants a bit of retrospection, so let’s look back at all the different events Bright was able to host during the second period of the school year.


During the second period, Bright Minds presented us with a total of 3 events! Alongside one of our partners, Bain & Company, Bright members got to learn about their employees’ career journey, partake in an interactive case solving where they got the opportunity to explore skills and abilities common within management consulting and round up the evening with flavorful dinner and mingle, all topped off with a sweet chocolate taste where members were able to enjoy delicious pralines. 

Following our first collaboration with F1RST in 2022, we were eager to put together yet another event and this time around we hosted a Career Lounge where we were happy to welcome Jan Carl Adeslwärd as the special guest. The talk’s greatest take out encompassed using the skills you have to help in a sector you are passionate about all while providing needed help that the concerned demographic might not have an easy access to. Ultimately Jan Carl urged every single one of us to tap into the knowledge we have and connect with spaces that inspire us to find how best we can serve those spaces and simultaneously let them enrich us further.

Ahead of THS Armada career fair, Bright Minds held a panel discussion to explore the ever so relevant and urgent topic of racial bias within the growing field of AI and its consequences. We were happy to mesh together industry opinions along with scientific findings to advance the conversation surrounding a tool whose role in society will expand over the coming year and how it interacts with the diverse society it is meant to serve. 

As our final event for the year of 2023, Bright Nights along with QBM were happy to bring us a fun pub night with a focus on sports. Attendees showed up sporting their favourite team’s jersey and mingled around, played a couple rounds of thrilling foosball or even better picked up a real football to dribble and play amongst each other.


However, as we come into a new year we have a lot more in store that the Bright members can look forward to. Already up and running is the beginning of an upcoming exhibition “Strangers’ Minds” hosted by Bright Minds and KTH Library. Make sure to stop by one of our locations to contribute your valued input, bright friends along, Bright members or not, we simply wish to gather thoughts and opinions from as many KTH students as possible. 

Check out Bright’s instagram page to find out more about the upcoming exhibition and stop by one of our submission boxes at KTH library, Kista and Flemingsberg Campus, for the precise locations check out our Instagram highlights.


Oftentimes, Bright members and non-members alike might wonder how Bright as an association started and with what goals in mind it was started. Henceforth, Bright’s current Editor has had the opportunity to interview one of the instrumental people in the conception and realisation of Bright. Stay tuned on our instagram for a reveal of the interviewee and the full interview itself. 


For the first time ever Bright will be hosting an open for all event! Bright Nights and Nightli is inviting you to a fun pub and party evening filled with good tunes on the 20th of January, come and enjoy the good vibes on the dance floor and bring a friend along while you’re at it!


This is all just a sneak peek at what Bright has in store for the approaching semester and we can’t wait to share more with you all!


Warm regards,


Editor & Writer

Bright at KTH