for Bright Bites

Description of role:

As the Head of Bright Bites, you will play a crucial role in promoting an inclusive and engaging community within our organization. The primary goal is to create and execute social events that foster and facilitate member connections. The main task involves designing and organizing social events by finding comfortable and engaging venues such as cafes, restaurants, or other spaces. The secondary task consists of planning the event and its logistics, which includes identifying suitable mingle activities, creating seating arrangements, and encouraging interaction among guests.


Qualities we are looking for: 


Event planning: Involves that each event runs smoothly and meets the desired expectations of the members and the team.


Logistical skills: Essential for translating event plans into reality. This includes efficiently managing resources, coordinating schedules and troubleshooting any issues that may arise in the planning and execution phase of the event.


Good communication and leadership skills: Important to be able to foster collaboration among team members by involving everyone so that they understand their roles and responsibilities. 


Creativity: Thinking outside the box to create memorable events with elements of encouraging participation and welcoming both new and old members. 


The best part of Bites:

The most rewarding part of being Head of Bright Bites is the opportunity to utilize your creativity together with logistics and organizational skills to create events that lets your vision come to life. However the best part is witnessing the impact of the events on the community and the sense of belonging that it brings to the members and seeing people coming together and enjoying themselves and the effort put into each event.