for Editor

Description of role:

As the Editor/  Writer you get to delve into any kind of writing you think might help enrich Bright as an association. At the moment the Editor’s main task is to write the newsletter, sent out to members once each period, which touches upon previous and upcoming events within the association along with any other opportunities and news Bright has. Additionally, there’s Bright Profile, where the Editor interviews or simply writes a profile on someone linked to Bright or whom they think the members might find interesting and learn something from. 


Qualities we are looking for:

Interest in writing, preferably some kind of experience with writing, be it personal or within clubs/ associations. 


Creativity: It’s important to have an interest in writing, and preferably some kind of experience with writing , be it personal or within clubs/associations.  This will make it easier to come up with writing ideas.


Communication: More often than not, the pieces that are written are closely tied to ongoing or  upcoming projects within the association. Therefore, it’s imminent to be on top of things, in terms of knowing where everyone is standing as well as letting others know what you’re up to.


Adaptability: In order to put out a variety of texts, it’s necessary to be adaptable in one’s way of writing. Certain information is better communicated using a specific text type. Hence, the Editor/ Writer needs to be a bit adventurous in order to best adapt to what’s needed.


The best part of Editor:

There’s a lot of things to explore within Bright’s short past as an association as well as its features. It’s a role that allows you to see how much Bright does throughout the year, all while highlighting where the association stands with regards to its context and what could be improved about it. It’s also a new role within Bright with a lot of room for expansion into different types of content. For now there’s the newsletter and Bright Profiles, but the new Editor/ Writer would be free to start up something new to bring forward sides to Bright and its work that the members might not be aware of.